Our Team


Lindsay McWilliams

I’ve always been a yoga kind of girl  –  there’s something about collective energy vibrating together yet independent of one another that gets me every time. The idea that we gather, breathe in unison, move in unison, and feel in unison is invigorating, motivating, and inspiring, too say the least.

My classes are built on the foundation of my knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and functional movement. I pull inspiration for the the asanas used from the injuries most commonly seen in my career as an RMT. You’ll experience a blend of stretching and strengthening poses, focused on balancing the commonly imbalanced areas of the body.


After being a full time certified personal trainer for over 7 years I began to notice I kept pulling from yoga to help my clients achieve balance within their bodies. We daily impose much stress upon our bodies with our jobs, our families and even our choice of fitness activities. Yoga can bring back that balance to your body and your mind.

My journey began with Yogafit’s Yoga for Personal Trainers in 2012 and most recently completing my 200 RYT in December 2013. My studies with yoga now are continuing with restorative therapeutics using doTerra cptg essential oils. I feel very blessed to have found Yoga and to be able to share it will so many people.

Yogafit has taught me the philosophy of finding the pose to fit your body, and not forcing your body to fit the pose.


Dawn Pomponio RN (500hr Yoga teacher)

Dawn would say that yoga changed her life. She often jokes that she has a mat in most of the rooms in her home as a calling to practice no matter how long.

Dawn teaches with a fusion of restorative postures, somatic movement, yin and viniyoga (dynamically moving in & out of the posture before holding the posture). She’s studied many different styles of yoga, and she draws on those styles as inspiration, bringing greater awareness to breath, body and mind. You can expect lots of different versions of each posture to bring an accessibility to the posture for all populations.

Dawn also loves to share yoga with pregnant women, mothers & babies. She finds joy in seeing pregnant and new mamas find more balance in their life through yoga, mindfulness, self-care, inspiration, community, and humor.
Dawn also teaches HypnoBirthing and attends home births with the local midwives

Kelly McAneely

Kelly (RYT – 240 hours) enjoys teaching yoga for the healing and joy its practice can bring to her clients. Yoga can be a means to access the body, mind, self, awareness and wholeness. Qualities we all deserve to connect with but often feel lost from. 

Kelly has started exploring yoga in 1998 but in 2003 yoga became a way of life to relieve chronic pain after a car accident. Kelly completed her first yoga training 240 hrs with senior teacher Josey Slater in 2009.

Kelly is a trauma informed yoga instructor, trained in Trauma Center- trauma Sensitive yoga. Kelly’s interest in trauma, PTSD, complex trauma, the nervous system, the polyvagal system and how the body stores memory means she is continually furthering her education in these areas.

Kelly is a level 1 Life Force Yoga® instructor specializing in the approach for Anxiety, depression and mental health.

Kelly volunteers as a certified Out Reach Yoga instructor, teaching vulnerable youth in the Community. This training is based on social justice, working with the vulnerable populations and is trauma sensitive.

Kelly loves teaching the meditation, practice of iRest® also referred to as Yoga Nidra. This ancient healing practice is a beautiful guided meditation that is a fantastic way of creating resiliency, harmony and balance. iRest® is a practice for anyone who is interested in connecting with the peace that resides within themselves. Kelly has her level 1 iRest® training and is looking forward to attending the level 2 training.

Kelly often subs other styles of yoga (including and no restricted to) foundations, yin, gentle, hatha, slow flow, and Restorative. Which she has received additional trainings in. 

Kelly is a wife and mother who lives the traditions of yoga daily and passes the philosophy onto her family. Kelly’s other loves includes walking Charlie her miniature Schnauzer and riding Beaufort her quarter horse.

Kelly McMahon

Kelly started practicing yoga in 2003 while working in forestry camps on Northern Vancouver Island as a way to offset the rigors of field work. She enjoys teaching everything from flow to restorative yoga, balancing the Yin and Yang energy of our lives.

She graduated from the South Okanagan Yoga Academy (SOYA) with an RYT-500 hour teacher designation in 2009. She has taught in Northern BC and more locally with Geri Laurence at Solace Studio. Realizing that yoga was not simply a physical practice Kelly has participated in 10 day meditation retreats in Cobble Hill and Surat Thani, Thailand.

Kelly continually strives to improve her yoga practice and has taken workshops with Rod Stryker, Eoin Finn, Marion McConnell and Carla Wainwright (teachers of the SOYA faculty). It is important to her to be a part of and inspire a sense of community through yoga.


My name is Krista Boulding and it’s my goal to empower others and inspire them to take control of their health and wellness so they can feel amazing and energized in their bodies!

Being a Personal Trainer and fitness enthusiast, my body and mind were craving something to bring it into balance. That’s when I got serious about incorporating yoga into my life. I’m a total nerd when it comes to anything related to the body and how it functions! I jumped at the chance to take my 200HR RYT with Kaitlin Armstrong. Her ‘Body Intelligence’ approach was music to my ears. Since then I have taken my Yin Yoga Teacher Training and am also studying with Brea Johnson of Heart + Bones Yoga.

To me, yoga needs to be sustainable for life. Taking my passion for strength training and bringing it into my yoga practice has been revolutionary. I hope to pass this learning on to others and help them find strength and balance too!


After many moons as a student in 2014 the timing for Kristi aligned to study with Natalie Rousseau of Pacific elements yoga school where she completed her 200 hour RYS Vinyasa flow teacher training. She has been enjoying teaching classes, retreats and attending yoga workshops ever since and is now also a certified Restorative yoga teacher. It was her intention to have a full spectrum of wellness offerings for her holistic practice rounding out her studies where they began, on the yoga mat over 18 years ago. 
With her wealth of wisdom, Kristi infuses her classes with her passions for a healthy lifestyle, nature, holistic wellness, the divine goddess, sacred stories all with a sprinkling of majik and sacred sound!
Kristi is a certified Aromatherapist, Master Herbologist, Holistic Nutritionist & Wellness Spa Practitioner. She invites you to move with her threw a beautiful Vinyasa flow that will warm you from the inside & make you glow!


Lorna has been teaching Yoga in Campbell River to adults and children since 2007. “Yoga is the river that guides and glides me through life~ from showing up daily on my mat to showing up daily in life, there is always learning, there is always breath and there can always be humour.”

My journey though various styles of Yoga and teacher trainings has been from the very alignment based, traditional teachings of Iyengar Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, and Judith Hansen Lasater’s Restorative Yoga. Sandra Sammartino “broke the mould” for me in her Prana based approach- incorporating Veldenkris movement, and her deep, life shifting meditations. Other significant influences are the Tensegrity Yoga & mentorship trainings with Elizabeth Claire Burr, Somatic Movement, Yin Yoga TT  with Bernie Clarke, Blissology Trainings and currently Synergy.Yoga, which incorporates a blend of modalities including Capoeira inspired movement, that I have found totally liberating. 

Thich Nhat Hahn is one of my greatest inspirations, as there has always been my personal connection of bringing the outdoors onto my mat. Taking care of our bodies and taking care of our Earth are integral. Tom Myers’ work on our fascial system is the cornerstone to how I view anatomy. Everything is truly connected.

Tamara Tutt




Sarah took her first yoga class at the age of twelve and was hooked for life. After practicing yoga and exploring the vast field of alternative health for over twenty years, and retiring from being a Registered Nurse, she finally made her teenage dream of training to become a yoga teacher in India come true. 

Studying Kundalini yoga at the Nada Yoga School in Rishikesh, she discovered Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound. Having herself experienced the tremendous power of sound, being a singer songwriter and music lover, it was a natural fit. She followed up her 200hr teacher training with completion of her Sound Yoga certification. Along with teaching Sound Yoga and Kundalini Yoga classes, she offers Sound Baths and is expanding her repertoire to soon be offering Kirtan. 

By following her heart and doing what she loves, she hopes to help spread harmony through sound practice.

For more information about Sarah and her offerings, visit www.soundseedyoga.ca



Stefanie is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) at the 200 hour level. She is currently working towards her 500 hour certification. After completing her training from the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga in 2016, Stefanie quickly realized that she loves to teach and learn. As such, she enjoys reading yoga articles and books, watching tutorials, and attending workshops to help guide her practice. Stefanie approaches all learning and teaching opportunities with a ‘beginner’s mind’. Stefanie’s continuing journey has taken her through some injury in her own body and this has altered the way that she teaches and lives. In her practice and teaching, she likes to bring a focus to safety in the body, mind, and emotions in order minimize injury. She prefers to use invitational language, thus allowing her students to meet the practice where they are at. As such she provides lots of options. Stefanie would not describe her classes as overly spiritual, instead focusing more on anatomy, physiology, introspection, and individuality in movement.

Stefanie has experience teaching hatha, ashtanga, flow, restorative, prenatal, baby and me, chair, and gentle yoga. Her favourite classes to teach are beginner’s asana classes and multi-level flow classes that end with quiet restoration. She has some continuing education hours in trauma-informed teaching and allows this to help guide her teaching methods. 

Stefanie lives in Campbell River, BC with her husband, children, and fur babies. In her spare time she enjoys all things nature, music, and family.