Our Team


Lindsay McWilliams

I’ve always been a yoga kind of girl  –  there’s something about collective energy vibrating together yet independent of one another that gets me every time. The idea that we gather, breathe in unison, move in unison, and feel in unison is invigorating, motivating, and inspiring, too say the least.

My classes are built on the foundation of my knowledge of human anatomy, physiology and functional movement. I pull inspiration for the the asanas used from the injuries most commonly seen in my career as an RMT. You’ll experience a blend of stretching and strengthening poses, focused on balancing the commonly imbalanced areas of the body.


I am a vegetarian. I have a 11year old daughter. I am certified yoga instructor.  I currently teach hatha, restorative and yin style classes with an emphasis on mental & physical relaxation. I also teach workshops, seminars & facilitate yoga events/evenings.

My overall passion in life lies in human wellness. Specifically, holistic wellness. Branching together the three pillars of life ; Spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. It is my personal belief that it in order to be healthy & fulfilled we must connect all three pillars together. Through meditation, yoga nidra, yoga practice/poses, self care, routine and using food for nourishment our minds & bodies are able to fully replenish bringing us back to our natural state of health & wellness.


After being a full time certified personal trainer for over 7 years I began to notice I kept pulling from yoga to help my clients achieve balance within their bodies. We daily impose much stress upon our bodies with our jobs, our families and even our choice of fitness activities. Yoga can bring back that balance to your body and your mind.

My journey began with Yogafit’s Yoga for Personal Trainers in 2012 and most recently completing my 200 RYT in December 2013. My studies with yoga now are continuing with restorative therapeutics using doTerra cptg essential oils. I feel very blessed to have found Yoga and to be able to share it will so many people.

Yogafit has taught me the philosophy of finding the pose to fit your body, and not forcing your body to fit the pose.


Dawn was first attracted to yoga at a Campbell River local gym in 2001. Yoga was transformational for her. Dawn met and studied with Josey Slater for 2 years. Since finishing her initial training she has enjoyed the teachings of therapeutic yoga with Susi Hately, Vijnana yoga and Tensegrity series with Elizabeth Claire Burr.

Dawn feels yoga has brought her to a calmer place when off her mat especially during challenging times. Yin and Restorative Yoga, both still and meditative practices, inspired Dawn to study with Bernie Clark and Judith Lasater.Dawn recently completed the Essential Low Back Program training with Robin Rothenberg, and will be offering the series to help people get out of pain using the principles of yoga. Be able to study with Robin in the Vini yoga lineage has also inspired to begin the journey to become a Yoga Therapist.

Dawn also currently works as a registered nurse and lactation consultant. Studying with prenatal yoga teachers Janice Clarfield & Anna Colin have helped her grow & become very passionate about teaching yoga to women during pregnancy and beyond. Connecting with the breath and feeling the body unwind is what draws Dawn to her own practice and being able to share that with others is such an honor.

“Yoga is an awakening of all the layers (koshas)of the body that brings us into our heart.”

“Life is available only in the present moment” Thich Nhat Hanh

Kelly McAneely

As a busy wife and mother Kelly found yoga in 2003 as a way of reducing chronic pain. Kelly found much more than just releif with yoga she discovered an amazing lifestyle. Trained by Josey Slater Kelly became certified in 2009. My goal is to teach in such a way that my students end up discovering all of the aspects and benefits that yoga has to offer. Yoga is an amazing way to discover BEING; Being in your body, Being in the moment, Being yourself. I look forward to sharing my love and knowledge of yoga with everyone in my class.

Kelly McMahon

Kelly started practicing yoga in 2003 while working in forestry camps on Northern Vancouver Island as a way to offset the rigors of field work. She enjoys teaching everything from flow to restorative yoga, balancing the Yin and Yang energy of our lives.

She graduated from the South Okanagan Yoga Academy (SOYA) with an RYT-500 hour teacher designation in 2009. She has taught in Northern BC and more locally with Geri Laurence at Solace Studio. Realizing that yoga was not simply a physical practice Kelly has participated in 10 day meditation retreats in Cobble Hill and Surat Thani, Thailand.

Kelly continually strives to improve her yoga practice and has taken workshops with Rod Stryker, Eoin Finn, Marion McConnell and Carla Wainwright (teachers of the SOYA faculty). It is important to her to be a part of and inspire a sense of community through yoga.


My name is Krista Boulding and it’s my goal to empower others and inspire them to take control of their health and wellness so they can feel amazing and energized in their bodies!

Being a Personal Trainer and fitness enthusiast, my body and mind were craving something to bring it into balance. That’s when I got serious about incorporating yoga into my life. I’m a total nerd when it comes to anything related to the body and how it functions! I jumped at the chance to take my 200HR RYT with Kaitlin Armstrong. Her ‘Body Intelligence’ approach was music to my ears. Since then I have taken my Yin Yoga Teacher Training and am also studying with Brea Johnson of Heart + Bones Yoga.

To me, yoga needs to be sustainable for life. Taking my passion for strength training and bringing it into my yoga practice has been revolutionary. I hope to pass this learning on to others and help them find strength and balance too!


After many moons as a student in 2014 the timing for Kristi aligned to study with Natalie Rousseau of Pacific elements yoga school where she completed her 200 hour RYS Vinyasa flow teacher training. She has been enjoying teaching classes, retreats and attending yoga workshops ever since and is now also a certified Restorative yoga teacher. It was her intention to have a full spectrum of wellness offerings for her holistic practice rounding out her studies where they began, on the yoga mat over 18 years ago. 
With her wealth of wisdom, Kristi infuses her classes with her passions for a healthy lifestyle, nature, holistic wellness, the divine goddess, sacred stories all with a sprinkling of majik and sacred sound!
Kristi is a certified Aromatherapist, Master Herbologist, Holistic Nutritionist & Wellness Spa Practitioner. She invites you to move with her threw a beautiful Vinyasa flow that will warm you from the inside & make you glow!


As I move through my fabulous 50’s, I feel very clear about what makes my life feel blissful~ living in beautiful, natural surroundings, enjoying those outdoor treasures with my family and friends. Having a community of friends that works towards supporting and nurturing each other and where they live, by the way they live. Real food, music, the ability to move my body in a range of motion that is powerful and fluid… all of this is part of how I practice Yoga. I have taught Yoga and dance for many years, on Vancouver Island and in South Africa. My Yoga roots are from Iyengar and Ashtanga. Through continuously remaining open to learning and observing, I have found my own blends of Yoga~ I will be teaching Bliss Slow Flow & Yin Yoga. I look forward to seeing you on your mat.