Tibetan Singing Bowl & Gong Meditation – Saturday Dec 1

Grounding Meditation
Your body is made of the elements of the Earth. When you GROUND yourself, becoming fully present in your body, you allow these energies to flow with more ease. Even though we are spiritual beings, we walk this Earth in a physical body. Aim to honour who you are in the present moment, the roles you play and the path you choose to walk.

Please join us for a GROUNDING MEDITATION Saturday, December 1st.
Namaste friends, Ben

***Please bring a yoga mat…bolster pillow, blanket and bed pillow optional

For more about Ben please see his FB page at: https://www.facebook.com/innerattainment/

Cost: $35.00
Reserve your place at: https://oceanmountainyoga.com/ or by calling 250-914-5435
Sound vibration affects each individual differently on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Tibetan Singing Bowls facilitate relaxation, which improves meditation practice and your sense of well-being.

On Meditation: When two frequencies join together another is created through a process called entrainment. As the Tibetan Singing Bowl’s special harmonic frequencies penetrate your body’s sensory systems, entrainment can facilitate deeper states of meditation via alpha and theta waveforms.

On Healing: The harmonics of Tibetan Singing Bowls stimulate the brain’s corpus collosum, which is the bridge between the right and left hemispheres. As the two sides become more synchronized, the release of stress, worry, anxiety, fear and other feelings that have a negative impact on our health enables us to experience more balance, clarity, and productivity. Tibetan Singing Bowls also create strong vibrations that facilitate sensory integration processes. This can be especially helpful for individuals with hyper and hypo sensitive disorders.

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