I’m a personal trainer with a passion for yoga! I found that yoga complimented my strength training so much that I wanted to share the benefits with others. I decided to become a yoga teacher myself, and after several certifications realized how much I truly loved it! I wanted to bring a different type of focus into yoga classes. SO many people struggle with holding or executing certain poses that take a significant amount of strength. I wanted to help them build the strength so they could find more ease within their yoga practice.

For me, yoga is about mindfully moving the body and exploring variety and diversity in our movements. I think yoga can be found in many types of movement. Walking can be “yoga”, deadlifting in the gym can be “yoga”, just as Downward Dog and Warrior 2 are yoga. As long as we breathe, move mindfully, and have intention, we can find our unique expression of yoga.

When taking a class from me you will find some familiar asanas, but you will also explore many non traditional strength & mobility exercises that will challenge you and improve your health in so many ways! You will feel stable, strong, and balanced after taking my classes. I believe weaving strength into your movement practice is key to maintaining a healthy and strong body for life. Join me on the mat and let’s go exploring!