For me, teaching yoga is the opprotunity to be with the students and create a space where they can start to look inward or at least start connecting with ones self.  Yoga can be the beginning of a journey, of discovering the possibilities often lost to us. Whether that’s because someone told us we were unworthy, or it is our own perception or we are just uncomfortable in our own skin. Taking the time to have an iRest®️ meditation-yoga practice, can help cease the narcotic mind, learn self-acceptance, find wholeness, connect with your purpose, learn to accept the difficult parts of the self and to deepen your awareness of consciousness. This practice of iRest®️ is where you learn to welcome everything as a messenger, sensations, thoughts, emotions, beliefs, 8this begins to quiet the mind. iRest®️ meditation can take you to the level of awareness between awake and asleep where profound healing occurs, so we can build resiliency during these unprecedented times.


Kelly McAneeley

Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher.(Teaching at NISHS Trauma and Abusing Counseling Center)
iRest®️ level 1 Yoga Nidra Meditation Teacher.
Level 1 Life Force Yoga Teacher.
(Yoga for anxiety, depression and mental health)
Certified Outreach Yoga Teacher.
(Working with valnerable populations)
CYA-RYT  240hrs
Registered ®️ After- Life Force Yoga®️