My name is Karissa Spence!

I am new the island and am loving this new adventure. I love spending time outside and exploring.

I graduated in April 2020 with my Kinesiology degree, during my education I became passionate about creating exercise programs suitable for anyone. It does not matter what your body looks like, I want to help you feel good being in your physical body.

Similar to others, discovering and practicing yoga was a significant chapter in my life. Finding a way to move energy through my body and living through yoga is magical. I am filled with gratitude to be walking this path and hope to help others embrace their true selves.

I took my 200HR Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training with Samantha Wilkie in Regina, Saskatchewan. I could not imagine taking this training from anyone else, I value her and the knowledge she has shared with me. I adore restorative classes as these are the classes that mark the beginning of my journey and I love Intuitive Flow movement classes as this is where I feel truly alive.

Restorative – It is my hope that you leave this class feeling fulfilled and relaxed.

Intuitive Movement –  It is my hope that you leave this class feeling refreshed and in tune with your body.