Yoga Teacher Training

In Balance: Body Intelligence Yoga Leadership Training
February 8th – May 11th, 2019
Ocean Mountain Yoga Studio, Campbell River, BC
Kaitlin Armstrong and Amber Dahlberg

Dear Friends both striving to become a yoga teacher and those just simply and bravely looking to deepen their personal yoga practice, for those inflexible and flexible alike, for those curious about why yoga is making them feel better and also those who are freaked out cause this growth stuff is intense, we dedicate this experience to you all.

In Balance Yoga Teacher Training is rooted in empowering the authentic intuitive leader in you to live your practice on and off the mat in a way that enlightens your most vibrant self. We focus on developing the innate guru within you by offering a space for you to get to know your self better through the amazing teachings of yoga.

We will explore the physical body in a way that offers a perspective on the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of self, learning to get comfortable in discomfort, understanding resistance and equally surrender to the flow of the present moment. From limiting beliefs to infinite possibilities, this training will encourage you to open to your fullest potential to live true to the beat of your unique nature and kindly share it with the world around you. You will learn through the wisdom of your own body how to fully step into your power and guide your own life path.

This training will go outside the linear and rigid viewpoints of the right pose or right cues or right alignment to offer you a perspective that is adaptable, resilient and honest of what it means to live in this technological modern age. You will develop proficient understanding in FUNctional movement based in the neuromyofascial network that will empower a more holistic approach to yoga that addresses the sitting epidemic of our time and equally awakens the curious and playful child inside to move for joy instead of validation or achievement.

This exploration of yoga is deeply rooted in the philosophy and sacred teachings for a fuller life yet it is very untraditional in its approach to meet your individual needs in a today’s stress ridden, over productive and undervalued cultural paradigm so that you might reconnect with the innovative imagination and abundant being that you are.

You will build a intimate relationship to your body, mind and heart that will translate into your personal teaching style. We will support your growth in intelligent body knowledge, creative yoga sequencing, intentional heart forward leadership and essential tools and skills to navigate your life with grace.This life changing experience is meant for those seeking to realize their greatest self in a way that is most genuine to you.

Dates and Times:
Friday Feb 8th 6-9pm
Saturday Feb 9th 730am -5pm
Sunday Feb 10th 8am-4pm
Every Tuesday Feb 12th – April 30th 530-9pm
Mar 2 730am-5pm
Mar 3 8am-1pm
Thurs March 14th – Tuesday March 19th Retreat Long Weekend
March 30/31
April 13/14
April 27/28th
May 11/12 Graduation
The Key Muscles of Yoga and the key poses of yoga by Ray Long
Eastern Body, Western Mind, Anodea Judith
The Yamas and Niyamas, Deborah Adele
Living your Yoga, Judith Lacester