Yin Yoga Teacher Training

To teach a Yin class that is both safe and informative, a foundational understanding of the purpose and method of Yin is essential. Looking more deeply, however, we see that the unique nature of this subtle practice presents teachers with an opportunity to skillfully guide students through potent and potentially transformative experiences. Training in how to do so with awareness and compassion is key to developing appropriate capabilities as a teacher.

In weaving together insight and experience from a decade of mindfulness training, an immersion in spiritual psychology, and formal education in the energetic anatomy of the subtle body, Carly offers her teacher trainees a deeply holistic approach to leading mindful Yin classes.

This focused 15-hour training, open to teachers as well as dedicated practitioners, explores the following:

  • Anatomy

  • Meridian theory

  • Sequencing

  • Safety in postures

  • Basic mindfulness theory

  • The role of the teacher in the community

  • The ethics of teaching

Investment: $400 + GST ($428.00)
Register: Please email: amber@oceanmountainyoga.com

Required reading:
​Sarah Powers book Insight Yoga. Please bring a copy of the book with you to class.

For more information visit https://www.carlyforest.com/teacher-training.html