OM Goddess Rising

OM Goddess Rising

Awaken Shakti & Rise Up In Sisterhood

OM Goddess Rising was created to bring women together to awaken shakti, reclaim feminine power and rise up in sisterhood.

Shakti energy is our vibrant sparkle, our health, our ability to express ourselves creatively, to stay connected to all the things we are passionate about, and to honour our sensuality. 

In this intimate evening awaken shakti through meditation, movement, and intention.

We will look to the goddess Durga as our reminder of inner strength and protection. In her most secret and inward manifestation, Durga is the power behind radical spiritual awakening. 

Please bring:
Yoga Mat ( if you do not have one we have one you can borrow)

Something comforatable that you LOVE

All ladies will leave with a tool box of mantras, crystals, and sage. 

Tea & Hugs Included.

This is an evening for all women. 

Lead by: Amber

Date: September 12th

Time: 7:30-9pm

Investment: $25.00