New Students


Getting started is easier than you think. Coming to your first yoga class is the first step in achieving a more balanced, healthy & joyful life.

Talk to any of our friendly teachers or desk staff about what class is right for you. We are open all day for you to visit, become familiar with the studio and enjoy the company of friends or some comforting tea.

We are here for you and can't wait for you to join us.


Yogis are Happy

Yoga relieves feelings of anxiety and depression.

Higher Quality of Life

Learn proper alignment and mindful movement to keep you moving into older age.

Relax & Renew

Stress can make you sick. Boost your immunity by relaxing and balancing your nervous system.

Physical, Emotional & Mental Strength

Yoga keeps you fit, strong and flexible AND improves mental strength and stamina. 

More Energy

You will experience increased energy due to improved lung capacity and proper breathing techniques.



INTRO PASS: $50 one month of unlimited yoga

Take 12 classes in your first 30 days and get 15% OFF when you commit to our Annual or Easy Pay Pass*.

You save up to $165!

*minimum six month commitment, you're worth it!

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