Megan Pocock


My priority as a yoga teacher is for you to move, feel and be better in your body. It is my objective to educate and guide you towards a deeper understanding of your body, in turn empowering you to make decisions toward living your BEST life.

I strive to offer all level classes with a strong understanding of anatomy and kinesiology; while keeping my students safe and present in their bodies. It is wonderful to feel free and confident in ones body, while gaining knowledge and awareness that will help you sustain a yoga practice for a lifetime. 
My personal mandate is to never stop learning and to keep an open mind to new ways of thinking about or approaching our yoga practice. All that being said lets support and inspire each other as a community to keep coming back to the mat everyday for that daily dose of wisdom and self reflection, because without our cOMmunity where would we be?!
I look forward to guiding you in one of my classes or seeing your smiles around the studio. 
RMT, 200 YTT



Yoga is an amazing way to discover BEING;

Being in your body,

Being in the moment,

Being yourself.