Elite Perks

Elite Membership Perks

Have you ever considered RELYING on miracles?

Become clear on your life goals, and develop the physical and emotional stamina and courage to reach for them. These practices will enrich your life and transform you – mind, body and soul. Now is the time to let go of self defeating patterns and habits!

As an Elite Member you will receive unlimited yoga, 365 days of the year. As if that were not enough already, here are some pretty amazing perks you will receive with this membership:

10% off all retail purchases & 10% off all workshops & events

Invitations to small group meetings to share goals, struggles & triumphs ( 4 time a year)

Once per month bring a friend for free to any yoga class

Personalized meditation

Meditation support <$100 value>
-private lesson with Tamara
-accountability: email check ins
-support and encouragement to successfully complete a 40 day meditation practice

Goal setting worksheet

Goal setting support <$100 value>
-accountability: email check ins
-one on one meeting with Amber or Tamara to create measurable and attainable goals

Journalling template
-to track your progress
-to start a self referencing & refining practice

Claim your miracle for only $1200.